2nd KMUNA Secretariat Bootcamp


Second general meeting for KMUNA Secretariat


Since the last time that we wrote on Medium about our first general meeting, numerous meetings and assignments have taken place in our agenda that soon were successfully completed by intense collaboration and hard work on each of our teams. This time, we once again demanded to gather the distinct minds of our Secretariat to collaborate, instruct and enjoy the company of each other in the UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo Bunker. As days go by, every task given to our members has bigger impact for the overall image of KMUNA, each task will follow many others and considering this, the Secretariat had to be aware on what awaits for the next few months. Based on all of this, everyone’s presence at meeting was essential to keep up with the same performance.




A pretty long agenda had been set for the day, general updating for the members, statuses with the schools, details for the conference day and much more were only few of the many topics that required hours of discussion and evaluation before making a final decision that soon had to be carried on by the team that is in charge of finishing it. Soon after the group discussion was over the lunch time followed. Conversations and slices of pizza had been shared between the members of KMUNA secretariat, that after after minutes from the break, all three of the teams present: logistics, public relations and substantive, spent hours on their detailed agenda for the future tasks and their unique ways of completing them. Just when we thought that a meeting cannot get any better, we finished this day of vast importance for KMUNA with a coffee break and a TED talk on the impact of Art to world’s major conflicts and problems.