More about KMUNA

In 2015, Kosovo MUN Academy will serve approximately 200 high-school students per season and teach them about world issues in an interesting and enjoyable way, as well as provide space for cultivating skills that are not developed through the traditional educational system in Kosovar schools, such as: researching, expository and persuasive writing, leadership, public speaking, consensus building, and teamwork.




I: Provide tailored technical assistance services for establishing high school MUN Clubs in Kosovo.


II: Provide training and organize activities for registered clubs through which students will develop skills in the following areas:


  • Public speaking
  • Persuasive writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Research
  • Diplomacy
  • Cultural sensitivity and teamwork
  • A well rounded basis for professionalism
  • Procedures of a MUN conference
  • Real world application of classroom material


III: Implement the KMUNA Curriculum, students learn about policy making is done on international level in fields ranging from security, human rights, economic development, environmental sustainability, culture, sports, tolerance, cooperation,etc.


IV: Organize for the first time the KMUNA Conference in Prishtina, and engage high-school MUN clubs in Kosovo.


V: Increase awareness among national policymakers about KMUNA, and lobby for integrating MUN activities in the national high school curriculum as an elective course.


VI: Positive discrimination policy to spur number of girls who apply to become delegates, it addresses gender inequality and promotes education of girls (46.6%), contributing to offset the approx. 7% greater number of boys (53.4%) in high-schools.


VII: Contribute to reconciliation efforts, social dialogue, and the broadening of each student’s horizon through aiming student participation from all ethnic communities and regions of Kosovo.