KMUNA — The 2015’s first assemblage

After a long a long process of selections, numerous evaluations, ongoing conversations and questioning, we were finally proud to fulfill our goal of completing our picture of the first KMUNA “dream team”. Prior to getting busy with our first tasks we had one additional step to make, one that defines how we will be able to function later on, one that is supposed to make sure that all of our members knowledge on what we’re doing is common.




Our intentions to do so meant for us to create a gathering of members, hence we chose 6th of September as the date due to our sessions of debate, presentations and most importantly our first assemblage as a team. Each member’s enthusiasm and expectations were quite the motivation regarding all the preparations made for the big day. As for our good fortune, the weather was superb and before long one after the other, each member made their way to our headquarters. Apparently some of the members were more talkative then the others and some were having a bit of a hard time to blend in with the rest. In this manner we already had an agenda on how we were going to keep every step of this meeting organized and on the go. As for the first task, we made a circle, gathering every single one of our members on the garden and in this way we made each associate present themselves. Soon it was obvious that everyone felt more familiar towards one another, some were explaining how they went through the same things that one member went through, others telling jokes related to someone’s story. In the meantime we lost track of the time by chattering and getting along with each-other, that was when we understood that our plan of uniting this bunch of young and motivated folks who were to collaborate to make KMUNA function at its best sounded closer than it ever was until then.Following this self-introduction process, we had a power-point presentation by our Secretary General on each of our topics and the history of both United Nations and Model UN committees, this part of the agenda was linked to a quiz that we were going to have later on. After the very-detailed presentation, we were to proceed with a break for the members. Along with fresh-baked goods and a variety of drinks, it was impossible to not have a delightful time. Being accompanied by people of different cultures and experience was something that was added to my long list of reasons to join this crew of amazing people.


marko kmuna


After some quality time with the teammates, it was the time for another roundup. This time it wasn’t about the introduction of neither the program nor members, but it was time that we started to discuss and consult about the setting, transporting, advertising and all the other factors that will compose this influential and prominent program. Afterwards, we finally made it to the last activity and that was the quiz made of questions related to our knowledge on random information about KMUNA, Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo (PIKS), MUN and UN in general. Each group’s points were approximate so each group was awarded with a symbolic gift and an additional medal for their interest and commitment to establish this much needed annual MUN conference in a country with youth majority such as Kosovo.


dea kmuna


PIKS is excited to have on board the new Secretariat of KMUNA. There is a long way ahead of us until we reach the official conference in February and thereby, success is indisputable for as long as our team brings together our synergies!