MUN Preparatory Material

Table of Content for Preparatory Sessions:


KMUNA Prep Sessions Summary


Preparatory Material for Week I :


Detailed KMUNA Terminology

Understanding MUN

UN & MUN Presentation

KMUNA Presentation

Instructions Unit I


Game on Unit I

Game on Unit II


Preparatory Material for Week II :


Instructions for SAs – Week II of Preparatory Sessions


Simple Rules of Procedure Table

Trivia on RoP


Preparatory Material for Week III :


Session I

Instructions for SAs: Week III of Preparatory Sessions

Handout – Practising RoP

Handout 2 – Practising RoP

MUN Mock


Session II

Background Guide

Delegate Folder

Effective Position Paper – Sample

Handout – Getting to Know Your Country

Handout – Writing a Position Paper

Position Paper

Ineffective Position Paper – Sample

KMUNA Country Matrix

A Guide for Preparing a Delegate Folder Guide


Preparatory Material for Week IV :


Session I

Instructions for SAs Week IV of Preparatory Sessions

School and Delegates Info Tab

KMUNA Background Guide ECOSOC

KMUNA Background Guide OHCHR

KMUNA Background Guide Security Council (SC)

KMUNA Background Guide UNCSW

KMUNA Background Guide UNEP


Session II

Head Delegate

Homework for the delegates on Reliable Information and Referencing

Potential Sources

Research Database

Searching Reliable Information and Referencing


Preparatory Material for Week V :


Session I

Instructions for SAs – Week V of Preparatory Sessions

Position Paper Assesment

Reliable Information and Referencing Game


Session II

Public Speaking

Quiz on Rules of Procedure

Answer Sheet on RoP Quiz


Preparatory Material for Week VI :


Session I

Instructions for SAs Week VI of Preparatory Sessions

Report Sample

Student Evaluation Form


Session II

2 Fun Activities


Preparatory Material for Week VII :


Instructions for SAs Week VII of Preparatory Sessions

Dress Code


Preparatory Material for Week VIII :


Session I

Instructions for SAs Week VIII of Preparatory Sessions

Intro to Working Paper and Draft Resolution


Session II

Working Paper Draft Resolution


Preparatory Material for Week IX :


Session I

Instructions for SAs Week IX of Preparatory Sessions

Draft Resolution Evaluation Form


Session II

Draft Schedule – KMUNA Conference 1st Edition

Dress Code

KMUNA Awards